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Renovation of vintage cars – the process
19 November 2016

Renovation of vintage cars is a laborious process. The majority of oldtimers before the renovation process is generally very corroded, so it is important to remove the previous coating down to bare metal. The painting process should be made from scratch.

To avoid unwanted drawbacks remove the old paint coating, then the individual elements undergo thoroughly cleaning by sandblasting, those that are suited to be renew, if not replace them by new ones, and then restore the entire coat of varnish layer by layer. Surface preparation should begin from sanding bare metal, then it is purified using cleaner and polishes by a dry paper P120-P280. Subsequently, the surface should be precisely purified and thoroughly dried . Not until now anti-corrosive primer should be applied.

Afterwards, you are ready for filling in unevenness and surface preparation for painting. After epoxy primer dries it is being sanded with P400 grit paper, the body puttied . After drying putty this process is repeated several times until receiving a desirable quality of surface structure. Before applying the base coat it is necessary to degrease all surfaces, then wipe it dry. Only afterwards all is ready to be painted.

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