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Renovation of vintage cars

Renovation of vintage cars is a laborious process. The majority of oldtimers before the renovation process is generally very corroded, so it is important to remove the previous coating down to bare metal. The painting process should be made from scratch. To avoid unwanted drawbacks remove the old paint coating, then the individual elements undergo […]

What is the renovation of cars?
19 November 2016

Each vehicle degrades over time, so trying to enjoy it as long as possible at full strength, it is necessary to carry out regular repairs, restoration, regeneration of parts, or exchanging them to new ones. Quite a different matter is the case of antique cars, which have a rich history, often are called cars with […]

Automotive paint renovation
19 November 2016

The owners of antique cars, wants their cars be attractive for the eye for as many years as possible. Because nobody wants to spend every now and then subsequent sums of money to renovate the car. Therefore, when selecting materials for refinishing paint coating in the car it is necessary to pay attention to their […]

Repair and renovation of vehicle
19 November 2016

Most people whom own a car, motorcycle or other vehicle, is trying to take the best care of them. Some of these vehicles are not new and have already had more than one owner, despite this everyone wants to get his machine always well presented. Do not always go hand in hand with technical condition, […]