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Renovation of vintage cars
Top 10 most expensive vintage cars
19 November 2016

Vintage cars often arouse much controversy, especially in terms of pricing. Many of their owners characterized, that they are seeking out for a real unique units, after that they try to restore them for a maximum raise of their price. Vintage cars can be really expensive, so their owners are often very wealthy. The most […]

What is the renovation of cars?
19 November 2016

Each vehicle degrades over time, so trying to enjoy it as long as possible at full strength, it is necessary to carry out regular repairs, restoration, regeneration of parts, or exchanging them to new ones. Quite a different matter is the case of antique cars, which have a rich history, often are called cars with […]

6 hidden spots with old cars
19 November 2016

Vintage cars can be found not only at auctions, but mainly in places where no one looks. Speech is about the old garages, sheds, where they often are real gems of automotive industry are hidden. Often media reports of such giant discoveries. One of them is recently found a collection of cars that were hidden […]